Inability to Cope EP

by Misanthropic Aggression



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released October 2, 2018

All songs composed by M.A. except Boiling Point by S.S. Decontrol

M.A. is:
Eurygorgon — bass, vocals
Chris T. Hammer — guitars, additional vocals, additional bass
Tyler Peacock — drums, additional vocals

Guest vocals on Boiling Point and Afterwork Inebriation by Kevin Sharp

Produced at Hammer Studios, Smyrna Georgia June-July, 2018

Mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios

Cover by Warhead Art

M.A. logos by Ry Animator


all rights reserved



Misanthropic Aggression Atlanta, Georgia

Here to chronicle the ills of Sociopathology...

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Track Name: Prove Yourself
[lyrics by J. Benedict]

In jobs and music
It doesn't matter
How much you've done

Make me prove myself
Again redundant again
Useless exercise
My mind starts to fry
This is the wrong grind
You must prove yourself

We can't take a chance here
What if you blow it, dear?
Can't have egg on our face
You must prove yourself

In life there's times when you should get a break, man
But they require you to prove you have the skill set
I just laugh, go through it, a paltry task done

It's not that I'm too good to prove it, it's just at this stage of my life
I've done it all and seen it all too many times, back to square one
I'll prove it, just sit back, enjoy the show, man

We must accept it
No one here knows your fucking name
No more expectations
You prove yourself to me
Track Name: Active Shooter Syndrome (A.S.S.)
[lyrics by J. Benedict]

Awaken to evil and terrible news
Some asshole snapped and shot at all of you
How can someone aim and fire into a crowd?
Hey fuck you, have a spine you useless louse

Sociopath, driven mad, programmed, and mentally ill
Go outside and kill yourself

Another shooting, and they tell us nothing
Was it big brother? Motives are unseen
Do us a favor if you want to hurt peace
Go outside and blow your brains to smithereens

The divisive nature of society right now
Has people choosing sides
They want to divide, want to make teams

You get some psycho tired of his team losing
Amasses an arsenal, too scared to end it alone
Stop covering them, don't give attention, abandon them, cowards

Evil will never fade so we stand strong
Track Name: Inability to Cope
[lyrics by J. Benedict]

What is the problem?
I always seem exhausted
Why don't you sleep?
I try but can't turn off my mind
When did the problem start?
So long I can't remember
That's part of why you’re always sad

Heart races when things are unknown
Obsessive thoughts cloud your judgment
I get so nervous and insecure
Slow your thoughts and your breathing

I can control it with practice and understanding
Fuck it, no one's perfect
No judgments, man
Track Name: Afterwork Inebriation
[lyrics by J. Benedict]

From birth until death
They send us away to school
Just sit still and don’t think

The system is set up
To keep us wage slaves
On weekends we rage
To nullify the fucking pain

We grow up forced to get a job
A mortgage and insurance
I can't wait to go the fuck home
And get fucking stoned

After a long week of bullshit
Get the bong out, fucking get ripped
Slam some whiskey shots, get wasted drunk
Eat some mushroom bars, trip fucking balls
Track Name: Boiling Point (S.S.D. Cover)
[lyrics by SSD]

I've kept it bottled up for years
Instead of fighting or shedding tears
Now it's time to let go
My boiling point's about to show
I don't know if I'll lose control
Of my mind, my body, or soul
Boiling point
Boiling over
Boiling point
Now it's over
Track Name: Anonimity
[lyrics by J. Benedict]

No consequences, people just get away with everything, there's no authority
A downward spiral, no decency is left, they will get theirs, you fucking bet on that

Try to be fair, would never hurt a soul, heads going to explode, I'm losing it
Mean comments online, people can't fucking drive, rude as fuck in lines, how do these people sleep?

I'm so jaded now, I understand how
Feels like there's no peace, it's never ending

Why don't some people try to be considerate, selfish pricks, there's plenty for all
Constant discord, rotten to the core, I hate all mankind, we are in decline

I don't understand how mankind's not dead, there's not enough love and understanding
Anonymity, don't think you'll get caught, just do the right thing, don't be a fucking asshole, man
Track Name: Herd Rejector/Unbound Descent
[lyrics by C.T. Hammer]

You’re bound to be free at last
Ballast torn from Ark of the uninformed mass
Your mental crutches borne now cast
Unlashed from perch on your mast

Who was it that set you free?
False guides
wrought unto your mind of minds this epiphany?
Ironclad your newfound creed
Fragile dream the past now seems
It's a lie

Wander forth! you don’t need others
Kin defiant no longer brothers
Mother man forsook as you were
told by gods of gold

Collapse your singleton mind
You surface dweller’s line of thought cannot be your own
Climb down from your echo vine
Herd I cannot find
Blindness is lie’s foe
Track Name: Respite
[lyrics by J. Benedict]

A brief asylum from the unrest
Away from mankind, I hang my head
For a moment I felt peaceful
But it was fleeting, now neck deep

Don't want to go out, don't want to be seen
Alone in the basement is ok with me

No hassles for me
I'm too old to take shit willingly
Don't make me go out

Pick myself up for a show
Other than that I don't want to go
For a moment I felt peaceful
But it was fleeting, now neck deep

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